Shahabuddin: Introduction to Meditation

These are recordings of Shahabuddin David Less, a senior teacher in the Sufi Order International, giving a seminar on Introduction to Meditation, 24 April 2010, in Austin Texas USA.

To download a sound segment, right-click the link (Mac: hold down the Option key while clicking the link) and select Download or Save. To listen to it, just click it. Depending on your browser, it may just start playing or it may ask you if you want to open it or download it.

Caution – these are big files. If you have a dial-up internet connection it could take a long time to download them.

Segment Size Duration
1) Introductory lecture: Story - sage on train; Nature of the human being; There is only one being; 18,000 universes; What if we really can realize reality? 33,751 KB 36:00
2) Exercise - dyads speak and listen
3) Practice: sit still, say seed syllables
26,578 KB 30:28
4) Lecture: Levels of experience; Questions and answers; Chanting seed syllables 15,342 KB 16:21
5) Lecture - afternoon: Recap of morning teachings; Mind as embryo in womb; The pain of life 27,595 KB 29:26
6) Practice: Observe your mind; Inhale, exhale, count down; Toward The One on the breath 25,937 KB 27:29
7) Lecture: discussion of breath practices
2,826 KB 03:00
8) Practice and lecture: Practice: alternate nostril energy breathing; Questions and answers about practice; Getting ready for next practice 13,607 KB 14:30
9) Practice: feel energy in subtle centers
25,609 KB 27:18
10) Closing session: Zikr (chanting); Prayers; Final blessing 21,571 KB 23:00

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