New Mexico Sufi Centers

Desert Rose Center, Albuquerque

(Sufi Order International)

Contact Muqit at or (505) 265-9388.

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Nur-Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Circle, Albuquerque


Every Sunday, 6:00 pm. Prayer, chanted dhikr, Sufi teachings, whirling, sacred illahi song, followed by a pot-luck meal located at:

Nahalat Shalom
3606 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Contact Maryam, Khalifa of Shayka Fariha al-Jerrahi at for additional information.

Nur-Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Circles, Santa Fe and Las Vegas, NM

Monthly gatherings are held on Saturday evenings in both Santa Fe and Las Vegas, NM. Contact Circle Guide Baqi Atman at

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Sufi Order of Santa Fe

(Sufi Order International)

Please contact the coordinator for more information: Nur Azima Jones, (505) 920-8813,

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Sufi Circle, Silver City

(Sufi Ruhaniat International)

Contact Azima Lila Forest, or (505) 534-0431, for information about Southwest Sufi Community, 1500 acres near Silver City

Here is some information about Silver City:

We get a lot of inquiries from people all across the country, wanting to know about Silver City and what it's like to live here, so here's a "portrait" of the home town of the SSC.

Silver City has a population of about 10,000, but as the county seat, it serves an area of 30,000. Services for day-to-day living are good: we have an excellent natural food co-op, a Walmart and an Albertson's. There's a hospital, a nursing home, and lots of docs and alternative health practitioners (several chriropractors, 2 acupuncturists, several excellent herbalists and massage therapists, Reiki, you name it). The cost of living is low here, so people on moderate fixed incomes find it livable. Housing and services such as car repair and medical appointments are where the costs are the lowest. As an example, I bought a duplex for $85,000, and I rent the other side (a 2-bedroom unit) for $450/month. I understand that prices for buying a house have gone up but are now leveling out, but I think rents are about the same.

This is a very friendly town, and everyone I know who has moved here has exclaimed about how warmly welcomed they were, and how quickly they felt at home. It's very diverse: artists, "alternative lifestyle" folk, ranchers, retirees, miners, writers, Hispanics, Anglos, and a few Asians, Middle Eastern Muslims, Native Americans and African Americans.

Silver City is very juicy when it comes to the arts and culture. There are lots of artists, writers, and musicians here, a very successful Arts Council that brings terrific talent to us, and so many classes and workshops (yoga, dreams, cosmology a la Brian Swimme, writing, painting, beading, and so much more) that one has to make choices constantly. Western New Mexico University, with a student population of about 5,000, is located here, and locals can take classes. The local public library and the University library both have Inter-Library Loan service with other libraries nationwide, so if you're willing to wait a week or two, you can get virtually any book you want. We have a charming and funky historical downtown with lots of galleries and other small businesses. Architecture ranges from beautiful old Victorians to old adobes to modern ranch- and southwest-style homes.

Sufi and Dance activities? We have a weekly Healing Service, weekly Sufi readings and zikr (followed by a potluck once a month). The Dance meeting is twice a month, and we now have five certified dance leaders here: myself, Darvesha, Barbara Anne Rich, Matin Mize, and Mariam Weidner. We also have weekly zikr and potluck out on the beautiful SSC land, several weekend workshops and retreats, and our annual Southwest Regional Sufi Camp retreat.

So if you're looking for a friendly, slower-paced town with an affordable cost of livning in a beautiful, wide-open high-desert mountain setting, with lots of interesting people, come and check out Silver City. We'll welcome you with open arms!

With all love, Azima Lila Forest
Spiritual Director of the SSC

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