Every Willing Hand

by Bryn Beorse

Copyright © 1979 Hu Press, New York City, New York, USA

Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 79-89701
ISBN 0-930996-01-1

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Transcriber's Introduction
Chapter I - Every Single Willing Hand
Chapter II - Children's Hour
Chapter III - The Unsettled
Chapter IV - Generation Bridge
Chapter V - Vendettas and Morality
Chapter VI - The Good Samaritan and Computers
Chapter VII - A Symbol is an Ocean in a Drop
Chapter VIII - Communicators
Chapter IX - War
Chapter X - Riots: A Challenge
Chapter XI - Love, How Real?
Chapter XII - "I Am Just an Accident"
Chapter XIII - Freedom's Gate
Chapter XIV - Clashing Minds
Chapter XV - Silent Reach
Chapter XVI - That Unfinished Business

Bryn Beorse worked his way through sixty-seven countries as an engineer, banker, economist, seaman, jackaroo, soldier, airman, king-maker, kidnapper of a head of state, and United Nations mission head. He has studied Yoga from age eight and Sufism, with Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan, from age twenty-seven and having reached nowhere at his present age of eighty-three, he knows which energy systems can rebuild the world and how. Teacher of Sufism to many, and Naval architect for the U.S. government, he brings together, in his own being, spirt and science.

In Every Willing Hand, he explains how we can save our society and the world with an economic policy based on providing well-paid jobs for all.

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